Japan investigating delay in report of deadly USA destroyer collision


The damage indicates that the Fitzgerald was hit on its right side, while the Crystal was damaged on its left side, suggesting they were traveling in the same direction. Benson is one of three injured sailors who were transferred by helicopter to U.S. Naval Hospital Yokosuka for treatment after the collision.

Mia Sykes of Raleigh, N.C., told The Associated Press on Sunday that her 19-year-old son, Brayden Harden, was knocked out of his bunk by the impact, and water immediately began filling the berth, after the Fitzgerald collided with a Philippine-flagged container ship four times its size off the Japanese coast.

"The damage was significant, this was not a small collision", he said, adding that the crew's response was "swift and effective". "It was right near the pilot's house, and there is a big puncture".

The U.S. Navy has released the names of seven sailors who died when the USS Fitzgerald collided with a cargo ship off the coast of Japan.

Fire Controlman 1st Class Gary Leo Rehm Jr. was among seven sailors killed aboard the USS Fitzgerald on Saturday. The 30,000-ton container ship was en route to Tokyo from Nagoya and had already been at sea for seven hours when the collision occurred.

An official for Japan's Coast Guard said it is investigating why it took almost an hour for the collision to be reported, the AP reported.

On Monday, a spokesperson for the Japanese coastguard, Takeshi Aikawa, said that the collision happened at 1:30 a.m.

Aerial footage shot by Japanese broadcaster NHK appeared to depict the damage to the destroyer as it returned to port with the assistance of the USS Dewey, Navy aircraft and the Japanese coast guard. There will also be a safety investigation.

"The U.S. ship must have issued large-scale warnings" to avoid an accident, he said, noting that investigators should look into whether circumstances allowed the naval ship to change its course.

Now, the Navy and the Japan Coast Guard are stepping up separate investigations. Ron Flanders said, "That is not our understanding". He said he would order a full and thorough investigation.

A spokeswoman for the NYK Line, the ship's operator, agreed with the earlier timing, but she could not provide details about what the ship was doing for the 50 minutes between the time of the collision and when it was reported.

Shipping data in Thomson Reuters Eikon shows that the ACX Crystal, chartered by Japan's Nippon Yusen KK, made a complete U-turn between 12:58 a.m. and 2:46 a.m. on June 17. She said the ship reported to the coast guard at 2:25 a.m., but she could not provide details about what the ship was doing for almost an hour.

He rushed headfirst into the water attempting to save other sailors, but the cabin eventually ran out of air pockets, she said.

No charges have been made in connection with the accident so far, though Coast Guard officials are investigating the collision as a possible case of professional negligence.

There have been around 30 boat crashes over the past decade in the area, including a 2013 incident when six Japanese crew died after their cargo ship crashed with another vessel in the early morning hours, a coastguard spokesman said.

It also went on to say how the USA ship should bear more responsibility for the collision as it failed to spot the much larger Philippine container ship first.

President Trump and several OH politicians took to social media to pay respects to sailors.

Japanese chief cabinet secretary Yoshihide Suga said the government was investigating with the cooperation of the USA side and every effort would be made to maintain regional deterrence in the face of North Korea, which has recently conducted a series of missile tests.