Boeing unveils plans for new version of 737 Max


"We think the 737 MAX 10 is a competitor to the (MAX) 9 and that's why a lot of people are converting", said Airbus sales chief John Leahy.

Airlines increasingly prefer larger planes in the single-aisle format. With more than 5,000 orders received from over 90 customers since its launch in 2010, the A320neo Family has captured some 60 percent share of the market.

The 190-230-seat 737 MAX 10 aircraft will boast more seats and a revamped landing gear. With the earlier order for 55 planes and additional 100 new 737-8 MAX aircraft, the no-frills carrier firmed up order for a total of 155 planes along with the rights to purchase 50 more aircraft comprising B737-8 MAX and wide- bodied ones, taking the total number of planes to 205.

Boeing and Airbus plan to flood the Paris Air Show with order announcements and flashy airplane displays, but there's a cloud hanging over the market: Analysts have been asking questions about the seemingly soft demand for twin-aisle jets such as Boeing's 777, 787 and the yet-to-be-built 777X - and yes, Airbus' A380 as well. That said, Boeing entered the week with more than 4,400 unfilled orders for the 737 family - enough to keep the production lines running for seven years.

While Airbus and Boeing dominate the world s civil aviation industry, the duopoly is not without challengers: Competition is looming, notably from Russian Federation and China, which have been test-flying their own mid-range models.

Thousands are expected at the biennial aviation and defense industry gathering this week.

The aircraft industry descends on Paris Monday for the world's biggest airshow, a prime battleground for bitter rivals Boeing and Airbus, but also a chance for new kids on the block to snap at the heels of the two giants.

Changes to the cabin will allow airlines to add another 80 seats to the planes which carry around 500 passengers on average without reducing comfort. They made up more than 40% of Airbus's single-aisle jet deliveries in 2016, up from just 13% in 2010.

However, Airbus immediately hit back with an order for 100 of its popular A320neo planes from leasing company GECAS, as well as a deal for 12 A321neos with Air Lease Corporation.

The Max 10 variant becomes the latest in Boeing's efforts to update its workhorse 737 model.

Briefings, by the plane's chief test pilot and others, on the jet's aerial capabilities and the F-35 program is expected produce news about recent problems that grounded US Air Force F-35s at a base in Arizona, after pilots reported symptoms of oxygen deprivation.

The Boeing boss said there was an estimated demand for about 41,000 new commercial planes over the next two decades.