The Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor mega-fight is officially set


Floyd Mayweather's fight with Conor McGregor pits boxing's biggest star against MMA's biggest star. Will it probably be a boring, one-sided fight? Yes!

Stephen Espinoza, executive vice president and general manager at Showtime Sports, believes that McGregor and Mayweather are attracting a different kind of audience that the fight with Pacquiao wasn't able to reach.

One big matchup that could be arranged is with UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic, who has been talking about a boxing match with unified world heavyweight boxing champion, Anthony Joshua.

The clip, filmed by South American pro boxer and former IBO welterweight champion Chris van Heerden, shows McGregor getting tagged easily in practice. van Heerden himself is clear about the fact that he's nowhere near the boxing talent that Floyd Mayweather Only way it can ruin boxing is if McGregor goes and boxes Floyd because he's going to look really ridiculous boxing him.

Mayweather, who retired from boxing after his last fight in September 2015, is an early heavy favorite in the Las Vegas fight. According to the New York Times, Mayweather's 2015 fight with Manny Pacquiao drew almost 4.5 million viewers through pay-per-view. "I thought it would be an impossible deal to do, but it was the right fight at the right time and we got it done".

McGregor is 12 years younger than Mayweather with a height and reach advantage and has knockout power. "One shot can change the whole outcome [of a fight so] we damn sure ain't taking Conor McGregor lightly [because] when he touches people, it has a tremendous impact. I am excited", said Holm, the former women's bantamweight champion.

Many fighters and fans have heaped criticism on the event, which is seen as a huge mismatch despite the fact it is expected to generate around £75m for each fighter. Mayweather is coming out of retirement for his 50th professional fight against McGregor who has never professionally boxed before. The interest already generated by the fight is extraordinary and the crossing of the disciplines of fighting and MMA is forecasted to pull in a record number of views as well as live attendance.