Patient awarded $870000 after doctor removes wrong testicle during surgery


A Pennsylvania man has been awarded nearly one million dollars after a botched surgery left him with only one testical - the one he didn't want removed.

The lawsuit was filed by Steven Haines, a 54 year-old man who saw Dr. V. Spencer Long regarding pain in his right testicle for 15 years. "It appeared that the left testicle and cord may actually have been removed instead of the right one", he wrote in a post-operative report. However, that's when things didn't go as planned, as Long had operated on the wrong testicle, removing the perfectly fine left testicle instead of the right one that Hanes was attempting to receive treatment.

Lepisto said that the case was very clear since Dr.

The doctor agreed to help Haines out by removing the offending testicle.

A jury comprised of 11 women and one man took just under 90 minutes to side with Hanes.

Long declined to comment Friday. A 2006 study supported by USA public Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality analysed almost 3 million operations over almost two decades, and found that wrong-site surgery occurred in only about 1 in 112,994 cases.

In the medical community, "wrong-site, wrong-procedure, wrong-patient errors" are known as WSPEs, and they are so egregious and usually preventable that the federal health department deems them "never events" - "errors that should never occur and indicate serious underlying safety problems". Long said that he was indifferent towards Hanes when he removed his testicle because he didn't check if it was, in fact, removing the right testicle.

Hanes' lawyer says his client has more frequent pain in his right testicle, and that he lives in "debilitating fear" of having more surgery. If the surgery is eventually required, he will have to undergo testosterone replacement therapy for the rest of his life. Long's suggestion, wasn't extremely necessary as he later found out there were less invasive treatments.