Mistrial Declared in Bill Cosby Sex Assault Trial


Cosby's trial ended without a verdict after jurors failed to reach a unanimous decision.

The jury had remained deadlocked for days with the seven men and five women unable to reach a unanimous decision after some 53 hours of deliberations in Norristown, Pennsylvania.

Three of the questions were requests to review what Cosby said and another two were about the testimony of his accuser, Andrea Constand.

This story has been corrected to show that an associate of Andrew Wyatt, Bill Cosby's spokesman, read Camille Cosby's statement, not Wyatt himself.

Prosecutors had sought to have 13 other accusers testify in Constand's case, but the judge allowed only one, finding that more would unfairly prejudice the jury. Montgomery County prosecutors then filed charges against him.

Cosby is accused of drugging and assaulting Constand, who was the director of operations for Temple University's women's basketball team in January 2004, when she says the incident happened at Cosby's home near Philadelphia.

He remains free on bail pending the new trial.

Bill Cosby exits the Montgomery County Courthouse after a mistrial was declared in Norristown, Pa., Saturday, June 17, 2017. Prosecutors suggested he drugged her with something stronger.

If they can't break the deadlock, O'Neill could declare a hung jury and a mistrial.

His deposition was unsealed in 2015, prompting prosecutors to reopen the criminal case. "She's entitled to a verdict in this case", said Steele.

District Attorney Kevin Steele spoke to reporters after the judge declared a mistrial Saturday. Lawyer Brian McMonagle also anxious that some jurors might compromise "their views and their values" for the sake of reaching a unanimous decision. Cosby was charged shortly before the statute of limitations was set to expire.

According to onlookers, Bill Cosby compared his plight to that of Nelson Mandela on Robinson Island, telling those around him about the time he and his wife, Camille, met the South African icon.

The statement also sharply criticised the judge and prosecutors for pursuing the case. "Overtly arrogant and collaborating with the district attorney", it said. She also criticized the judge, the accuser's lawyers and the media.

Seven women now have defamation suits pending against him in MA.

The comedian's lawyers maintained throughout the trial their client and Constand's sexual relationship was consensual.

By Thursday morning, after almost 30 hours of discussions spanning three days, the jurors told O'Neill they were at a stalemate.

But defamation suits are still tricky to win, requiring plaintiffs to demonstrate both that Cosby assaulted them and that he spread damaging misinformation about them in denying those allegations.

Cosby, who turns 80 next month, was subdued and seemed nearly dazed when O'Neill declared the mistrial. Many more were still expressing outrage that the Minnesota police officer who shot Philando Castile was acquitted Friday. The judge has refused, saying jurors are permitted under the law to deliberate as long as they want.

McMonagle said it was up to Cosby whether he would represent him in court again.

The jurors will get back to work Saturday morning.