List of GOP lawmakers found in Virginia shooter's pocket


Her husband opened fire on the baseball practice session in Alexandria, Virginia, early on Wednesday morning. One bartender said he spent many evenings quietly sipping cans of Budweiser by himself.

Sue Hodgkinson said her husband left the couple's home in March to move to Washington, shortly after their adopted daughter moved back into the house with her two-year-old son. He had also posted inflammatory messages opposing the presidency of Donald Trump and articulated support for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. She said she thought he was going to return to IL because he'd run out of money.

"These are times when people are reacting unpredictably, so we have to be prepared for that in government", he said.

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana was among the handful wounded in the melee.

Hodgkinson's home state of IL has a broadly similar provision, said Ari Freilich, a staff attorney at the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence in San Francisco.

If LuPone were a conservative actress, who said the same thing about former black President Barack Obama, she would have been called a racist. "I responded that it was the Republican team practicing, and he proceeded to shoot Republicans", Duncan said the day of the shooting. Jim Jordan (Ohio), Morgan GriffithMorgan GriffithBaseball gunman had list of GOP lawmakers: reports How the GOP came to dominate, and be dominated by, rural voters Cut FDA red tape so doctors can better treat patients MORE (Va.), and Scott DesJarlais (Tenn.) were also on the list. When asked what she wanted to say to the families of the injured, she said she "didn't know who was shot".

Hodgkinson had posted anti-Trump rhetoric on Facebook and had written letters to his hometown newspaper, blaming Republicans for what he considered an agenda favoring the wealthy.

Investigators said they have not found any evidence indicating Hodgkinson planned the attack. Police determined that Hodgkinson had been "living out of his vehicle in the vicinity of East Monroe [Avenue]" in Alexandria, FBI special agent in charge Tim Slater said. "She had no idea he felt as strong as he did", Wagner said.

"I don't know what to say about it".

No staff members noticed any "inappropriate or unusual behavior" and no one complained about him, the YMCA said. "He was just a very calm, rational person, I thought". He always drank alone, and always drank cans of Budweiser - sometimes just one, sometimes as many as six, said Kristina Scrimshaw, a bartender at the restaurant.

A spokeswoman for Capitol Police did not return CNN's request for comment. "But you just never know".

But, of course, the Times doesn't always try to whitewash the ideological beliefs of people who commit atrocities.

"It was a domestic situation, and those were usually dealt with dismissals", Evanko, a retired Belleville, Illinois lawyer, said in a telephone interview.