Former UFC Fighter Tim Hague in ICU with Serious Brain Injury


Tim Hague, right, made a decision to swap the UFC cage for a boxing ring The Canadian fighter's friends and family are at his bedside as he fights for his life.

A boxer who had been in critical condition since a fight in Edmonton on Friday night has died, his sister says.

A month later Hague was throwing caution to the wind by heading into the boxing ring, losing by unanimous decision, and then was TKO'd in another bout in the squared circle at the end of the year.

Checkout the complete fight right here. He fell hard and his head bounced off the canvas.

Hague underwent brain surgery after being knocked out by Adam Braidwood at the Shaw Conference Centre.

Hague suffered a serious brain injury after a brutal knockout loss in a boxing match over the weekend which left him in a coma.

The 34-year-old swapped the UFC cage for the boxing ring last year after a rough run of form that saw him knocked out in four of his last five MMA fights. According to various reports, Hague was clearly not right backstage and was rushed to the hospital.

Tim is now in a coma.

Hague's family has asked for privacy.

Another source close to the fighter revealed that he was brain dead. But after that loss, with a 10-4 record overall and 1-3 in the promotion, he was let go again.

The former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight competed in a boxing bout against Adam Braidwood last night (June 16).

Too tough for his own good, Hague nearly took on a bareknuckle boxing bout in the United Kingdom a few months later in 2016, but instead agreed to an MMA fight in Russian Federation and was TKO'd by a head kick in just 33 seconds.