Escaped Georgia Inmates Captured


He answers the judge simply with, "Yes, mam".

They were on their stomachs, hands cuffed behind their backs, staring up at more than a dozen law enforcement members.

According to officials, the two #Inmates who had been on the run after escaping a #Georgia prison by killing two correctional officers of Georgia State, were captured in Tennessee.

But the agency says authorities have not decided how to disperse the reward, which comes from multiple law enforcement agencies.

Dubose is seen left in an earlier photo, before he got his distinctive tattoos (right).

These killers who had been on the run for three days could have been nearly anywhere. The inmates were caught after a chase in vehicle and on foot, they said.

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Two escaped inmates sought in the killings of two guards on a Georgia prison bus were captured Thursday in Tennessee after holding an elderly couple captive and leading police on a chase by auto and foot, authorities said.

The two carjacked a passerby and disappeared in his Honda Civic. A BOLO had been issued for a white Ford pick-up truck that the inmates had reportedly been traveling in.

However, they were not so lucky the second time around, WSB-TV reports.

The couple were "extremely traumatized", Sheriff Swing said.

Police say they forced their way into an elderly couple's home at gunpoint on Kingree Road in Bedford County.

The pair of inmates stole the couple's auto and a chase with authorities ensued.

The vehicle was stolen between 11 p.m. and midnight Tuesday about 12 hours after the inmates ransacked a house 9 miles away to gather food and change out of their prison uniforms, according to the Associated Press.

"We've had an armed home invasion", the Shelbyville, Tennessee, man says in the 911 call.

Shots were fired during the exchange, but no one was harmed, Sheriff Sills said. The man held the two at gunpoint with a neighbor he called for help until the sheriff's department could get there to arrest the fugitives.

And like that, the manhunt that had brought fear and tension to the state of Georgia was over.

And the trucker wasn't alone in seeing these two men.

The couple suffered minor injuries from the rope used to tie them up and one of them was choked at one point when he tried to escape.

"I'm sorry the people in Tennessee suffered whatever they suffered", Sills told the news station.

Authorities then chased the fugitives until they crashed their vehicle, Emmett said.

They will also face charges in Tennessee for auto theft in Moore County, Tenn., and home invasion/armed robbery.

"They wrestled with the man and got control of him and threatened both of their lives", Swing said. They and the other prisoners were being transported Tuesday to the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison, some 45 miles west of Eatonton.

Both of the suspects are now in custody at the Rutherford County Sheriff's Office.

After their bloody jailbreak, the two convicts were spotted in the town of Madison where they broke into a house and helped themselves to clothes that would make them less noticeable. The sheriff said that a work crew saw them, too.