Document says Trump hotel brought in nearly $20M


The filing wasn't due until May 0f 2018, as the White House pointed out in a statement that accompanied it, and was voluntary. It generated $US37 million during the reporting period, an increase from the $US30 million that Trump reported past year. It did include income from capital gains and dividends, presumably before the stock sales.

The disclosure does not reveal when the investments were sold.

Instead, on January 17, 2017, three days before his inauguration, Trump transferred his holdings to a revocable trust managed by his adult sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, and Allen Weissberg, chief financial officer of the Trump Organization.

Because the new disclosure includes a four-and-a-half-month period covered by his last report, it is hard to precisely gauge whether revenue at Trump's businesses has gone up or down.

The Trump National Golf Club in the District of Colombia reported income of $17.5 and income on the prized Trump National Doral golf course in Miami of $115.8 million actually reflected a decline from $131.9 million in the 2016 report. That is just Trump's personal income, separate from the profits and losses of the Trump Organization, though he does still hold a financial interest in the company. He said he received more than $100,001 from the deal.

That SAG pension brought Trump $84,292, the document says. It reported $19.7 million of "hotel-related revenue" on the disclosure form released Friday.

In addition to the $19.7 million from the Trump Hotel in DC, which opened in September 2016, Trump also reported $37.2 million in income from his private resort in Florida, Mar-a-Lago.

He received somewhere between $1 million and $5 million in royalties on his book, "Great Again: How to Fix Our Crippled America", which was released in 2015 as he announced his presidential campaign. The document does not lay out the details of how much debt Trump had or how much he paid in taxes previous year.

The liabilities are likely much larger because five of the debts were worth more than $50 million. Another three loans combined were worth less than $1 million.

The hotel is housed in the government-owned Old Post Office building, and many have argued payments from foreign governments violate anti-corruption clauses in the Constitution.

President Donald Trump is outlining the financial health of the business assets he placed into a trust when he took office. The "Melania Marks" skincare company is no longer listed as one of her assets. The report suggests that Trump's main source of income since the beginning of 2016 up until now arrived from his real estate empire. But during the past year, she listed no income from the brand.