US Senate Passes Sanctions Against Iran And Russia


"I would urge Congress to ensure any legislation allows the president to have the flexibility to adjust sanctions to meet the needs of what is always an evolving diplomatic situation", Tillerson said Wednesday to the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Yet those penalties are melded with the Iran punishments.

The Russia sanctions measure was added as an amendment to an Iranian sanctions bill, after a deal was struck between the heads of the Senate Foreign Relations and Banking Committees.

Senators in both parties have cast a wary eye toward Trump and Russian Federation, and the Senate bill was widely seen as an effort to put a check on the White House in case it decides to soften sanctions on Moscow.

Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., the author of the bill, told reporters he hoped President Donald Trump would "acknowledge" the near-unanimous support among senators for tougher actions against Iran and Russian Federation.

This is a Republican Congress asserting power with a Republican president in office.

The Russia sanctions are risky for other reasons. "Pretty good rate of return". The bill also included a suite of sanctions against Iran.

A day earlier, the Senate voted to adopt an amendment to the bill that would expand sanctions against Russia, CBS News reported.

While the Senate bill raised the prospect of expanding sanctions to the Russian metals, mining, and shipping industries - which so far have retained their access to western partners and capital markets - it stopped short of mandating the new sanctions. Rouhani is a political moderate who defeated a hard-line opponent.

It complies with the Iran nuclear agreement reached in 2015, which put restrictions on the country's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief. The measure also applies terrorism sanctions to Tehran's Revolutionary Guards and requires the enforcement of an arms embargo.

Schumer said the House "should take notice that 97 senators voted in favor of this package, and I hope that Leader Ryan will move with haste to pass this package of sanctions through the house - I hope the president will sign it". He's instead castigated his own intelligence community and rejected its assessment that Russia's hacking and disinformation campaign was meant to aid his candidacy. Also included in the bill is an amendment strengthening sanctions for Russian officials who support cyberattacks against the USA and its allies.

The measure would punish individuals who conduct what the senators described as "malicious cyber activity on behalf of the Russian government".

Persons knowingly engaged in a significant transaction with the Russian defense or intelligence sectors, as well as support for the Syrian government.

It would codify in law the sanctions imposed by executive decree by Trump s predecessor Barack Obama, especially against the Russian energy industry.

Gary Cohn, director of the White House National Economic Council, said last month that the administration wouldn't weaken Russian Federation sanctions, adding that, "If anything, we could probably look to get tougher".

In a joint statement, Austria's Chancellor Christian Kern and Germany's Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel cited a section of the sanctions bill that calls for the United States to continue to oppose the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that would pump Russian gas to Germany beneath the Baltic Sea.

Both the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and J Street - two organizations that have rarely seen eye to eye on U.S. policy toward the Iranian challenge - have hailed the measure.