Protester Arrested After Running Onstage During Controversial "Julius Caesar" Performance


June 17 Two people who disrupted a controversial NY production of Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar" took to social media on Saturday to defend their protest of the performance that portrays the assassinated Roman leader with an actor costumed to resemble U.S. President Donald Trump.

Loomer was arrested after being escorted offstage and charged with disorderly conduct and criminal trespass. She and Posobiec have contributed to The Rebel Media, a right-wing website. By midnight, Loomer posted she had been released from jail. "This is unacceptable. this is violent!"

As Loomer shouted, audience members booed and yelled, "Get off the stage!" While Loomer was taken outside of the open air theater, he stood and shouted down the rest of the crowd, immediately invoking Godwin's law comparing them to Nazi propaganda master Joseph Goebbels. "You are inciting terrorists", before he, too, was led out by security. "The blood of Steve Scalise in on your hands!" he yelled, in reference to the shooting of Republican Rep. Steve Scalise and three others earlier this week at a baseball practice.

Loomer, 24, was arrested for misdemeanor criminal tresspassing and disorderly conduct after rushing the stage during the open-air performance of the play on Friday evening, said a NY police spokesman. Teagle F. Bougere, center right, plays as Casca and Elizabeth Marvel, right, as Marc Anthony.

Loomer ― a reporter with The Rebel Media, a far-right Canadian outlet that started a "Free Laura" campaign Friday evening ― and Posobiec held a Twitter press conference after they were taken to the Central Park Precinct.

"We stopped the show for less than a minute and our stage manager handled it beautifully", he said, in part, via The Daily Beast. "Freedom!" The audience rose to their feet to thank the actors, and we joyfully continued free speech for all, but let's not stop the show".

While the show went on, that didn't stop Posobiec, best known for peddling the Seth Rich and Pizzagate conspiracies and creating the "Rape Melania" sign, from tweeting the video with the caption, "BREAKING: Julius Ceasar Gets SHUTDOWN". "We would like to clarify that our sponsorship of the Public Theater does not fund the production of Shakespeare in the Park, nor do we condone the interpretation of the Julius Caesar play", the financial services company said in a statement.

The performance paused briefly during the disturbance, as security removed both protesters from the theater.