Atari CEO Confirms New Game Console


The video and site teased "brand new Atari product years in the making", however, no details have been supplied and the domain information for the site is still being hidden by a private company called Domains By Proxy.

The Atari Box is something I've been waiting for more confirmation on before running an piece on it, and well, it's time.

Atari has not revealed any specific details regarding the upcoming console such as its development process, what games it would support, pricing or any possible launch window.

Atari has had a hard past at times, with the company filing for bankruptcy protection in 2013. It sounds like the Ataribox is being developed in-house, and will hopefully boast improved emulation, more features, and better build quality. The video below doesn't give much away, in fact it's just a nice look at what the console may look like, plastic grooves, wood or wood effect plates, and an Atari logo on the face that lights up! The last gaming console from Atari was the Jaguar, which debuted in 1993 and was discontinued in 1996. What is certain for now, the Ataribox is based on PC technology.

Of course, the other way could be an actual new console that will be competing against Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. Chesnais said that Atari's revival is well under way. It's also made a number of licensing deals along the way.