The Weekend Chat: Whose E3 Conference Impressed You the Most?


"We needed a good system to connect everyone, and Xbox Live is a good system". Minecraft on the smartphone has been known as Minecraft Pocket Edition, but with this new focus on cross-platform support, they're going to unify them all. In particular he noted the responsibility that they feel they have with their install base. Also, the players will have access to Minecraft Realms which is a service for monthly subscriptions where you get a server to host your world, and that server is always online.

"Today I wanted to talk about things that if you're going to buy the console you will be able to play, but I'll continue to work to deliver games. That said, to my knowledge, there is no live conversation ongoing at the moment".

What do you make of Sony's response?

PlayStation 4 doesn't support cross-play with other platforms for some popular games that fans are waiting for. We have Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2, Lucky's Tale, Ori and the Will of the Wisps.But I know what you're asking about.

He also said that it's not "healthy for anyone".

Spencer mentions that when he started his current job three years ago, hardware was the big focus for the team, and he believed there was more to be done in this area. In fact, Microsoft signed a number of exclusives recently that we won't be hearing about for a while.

It is noted that they aren't completely opposed to the idea of it, but have so far never done it with the other two consoles.

When it comes to pricing, PC's are more expensive than that of consoles. This is often been the criticism that's been making its way around the block when talking about the Xbox One X. And it's a criticism, again, Spencer is fully aware of. This was one of the Microsoft's fantastic announcements at E3. This being Switch, PC, and Xbox. "Maybe I don't want to go spend $60 on a game that I think has a beginning, middle, and end that I can actually see". As of right now, it's only available for the Nintendo Switch. Hopefully we get some figures soon after launch as to how much the Xbox One X costs to manufacture.

Nevertheless, Head of Global Sales and Marketing at Sony, Jim Ryan, stated that the power advantage of the new Xbox One X console over the Playstation 4 Pro won't be that evident when it rolls out.