Sixty per cent of Scots want Nicola Sturgeon to drop IndyRef2


She has already acknowledged independence was a factor in the result and has said she will reflect on her next steps.

At a media photo-call for "Team Ruth", the party's 13 MPs from north of the border, an ebullient Scottish secretary declared: "Indyref2 is off the table".

But Stewart Hosie, the acting leader of the SNP at Westminster, responded by tweeting: "SNP MPs represent ALL of their constituents".

According to the newspaper, a third (34%) of those who voted Yes in the 2014 referendum on independence told pollsters the First Minister should drop the proposal. Now Nicola Sturgeon claims such a deal is "grubby".

He then told reporters: "The Scottish Conservatives have waited a long time to come back in Scotland but we're back big time".

Ms Davidson said: "Let's cut to the chase today".

"We are Scottish Conservative and Unionist but we are part of Theresa May's parliamentary group here at Westminster".

She said: "I think what Ruth Davidson has just demonstrated there today and what she is increasingly demonstrating to the Scottish people is that she is nothing more than a one-trick pony, having to confront any issue other than an independence referendum, she is left floundering".

"Fishing is something that Ruth has talked about specifically, we are simply emphasising that this is something of huge importance to us", a spokesman said, when asked whether fishing constituted a "red line" in Davidson's wish list for Scotland within a new United Kingdom government.

May called for a snap election in April in order to win a bigger majority for the Conservatives in parliament. "That's what our job is".

Scottish Government officials were instructed to start working on the legislation that would be necessary for another vote, and in March this year the First Minister said she wanted this to be held between the autumn of 2018 and the spring of 2019, when the terms of the Brexit deal are known.

"I say that not just because of some of the views of the DUP that, perhaps not all of us, but many of us feel deeply uncomfortable about, but I also say that because of a real concern about the disregard that is being shown for the Northern Irish peace process".

The enthusiasm for her seems fuelled by the unending political-class delusion that in these times of public revolt against the centrist, technocratic status quo, what people are really longing for is a centrist, technocratic, status-quo politician.