Nintendo releases the first trailer for new Super Mario game


Nintendo has announced that co-operative play will return in Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch.

Playing as Mario remains mostly the same. Players, who control Cappy would be able to perform attacking moves and fly around, along with controlling the camera, notes Polygon. While one gets to control the titular character, another controls his new magical hat, named Cappy. Cappy also helps in solving puzzles in the game. Looking back at the classic Mario game, while the Italian plumber only used to jump on turtles and fish and other enemies to defeat them, he can do so much more in "Super Mario Odyssey".

We've written a lot about E3 this week and covered a lot of games, including Super Mario Odyssey.

As showcased in the video, the analog stick controls Mario on the left Joy-Con, while the right analog stick on the right Joy-Con controls Cappy.

What Can Cappy Do In Co-op Mode?

It basically does acts that Mario wouldn't be able to accomplish on his own. Nintendo usually steers clear of heavy-story games, but things like the Legend of Zelda and Metroid do come with a certain level of depth in terms of story progression. In Super Mario Odyssey, co-op is being handled in an unorthodox way.

Thoughts about co-op mode in Super Mario Odyssey? "Super Mario 3D World" had four-player co-op, but camera view was limited due to the number of players on the screen. Nintendo wanted take advantage of the fact that the Switch comes with two controllers by default, hence the mode.