LeBron James and Draymond Green continue the great National Basketball Association T-shirt war


This caught the attention of Draymond Green.

The Golden State Warriors had their victory parade on Thursday, June 15 (Friday in Manila) and there was one who was all hyped up than the rest all throughout the celebration: Draymond Green. First he wore a T-shirt that mocked the Cavs over the brief length of the series.

Both superteams that James is credited for creating in Miami in 2010 and in Cleveland in 2014 involved major talent coming together on a team that hadn't achieved success prior to their arrival.

After lifting his self-imposed social media blackout now that the postseason is over, James was very active on his Instagram account the past couple of days, showing off a freshly shorn haircut in a video he posted of himself listening to music while working out in his gym.

Despite coming up on the losing end of The Finals for the fifth time in eight trips, James made National Basketball Association history against the Golden State Warriors this postseason.

The Warriors defeated LeBron James and the Cavaliers 4-1 in the Finals, to reclaim the Larry O'Brien trophy, which also featured on the T-shirt design.

"The other guy is such a great guy", Frye said on the podcast, purposely leaving Green's name out of it. "'I never played on a superteam.' You started the superteam, bro", he said.

"But I don't look at it as ..."

How would the Warriors fare against the NBA's greatest teams?

One thing is for sure, LeBron James is a three-time National Basketball Association champion and nobody can take that away from him. I ain't join a superteam. So, I've learned a lot and I will continue to, and I couldn't be more proud of that guy.

The Warriors have been labelled a superteam by critics following their addition of Kevin Durant as a free agent last summer.

"I love that." James said. Frye interjected. "Edit that, please". It didn't bother me, but let's just be clear. KD had 39 points, seven rebounds and five assists, but more importantly the Warriors were a plus-18 over his 40 minutes of play.

"I've been feeling good", James says, noting that he'd been thinking about shaving his head for some time but denying that the Warriors inspired him to do it now.