Facebook expands Safety Check with fundraising and more


Now, Facebook has added a new update to its Safety Check system, which has brought in some new features. Up until now, it was expected that people will know something happened, but this is not always the case.

Facebook's Safety Check feature has become one of the easiest ways of checking up on loved ones when disaster strikes. Community Help will be available in the upcoming weeks on desktop, giving people another way to access the tool.

The social network giant has also expanded the Community Help, which is a feature that let users coordinate within their local community to ask for or provide help when needed. This was created to help users let their friends and family members know that they are safe. If several users in the area are talking about the same event, they're invited to do a Safety Check to alert their friends by pressing a button that says "I'm Safe" or "Not in this area". Look for it to roll out "in the coming weeks" in the US, Gleit wrote. "This note will appear in the News Feed story that is automatically generated when people mark themselves safe". Facebook is also adding descriptions of the event from the global crisis reporting agency NC4 to Safety Check posts. Today's new features were unveiled mere hours after Facebook enabled Safety Check in London for people impacted by the Grenfell Tower fire catastrophe.

Meanwhile, people who mark themselves safe via Safety Check can now share a personal note to give friends and family more information about the crisis.

In order to build a safe community, Facebook will be announcing new updates to Safety Check to make it an even more relevant and useful experience in times of crisis.

Preethi Chethan, a Facebook product designer, noted that people around the world donated over $450,000 on Facebook following the Manchester terror attack.