ARMs has its first DLC character revealed at E3


And now the moment is here! I had a blast getting a feel for the different abilities, weights, and speeds of these arms in the Global Testpunch, and there are even more available in the full game.

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Nintendo's new fighter Arms is out today and everyone should be rejoicing.

Best fighting game for Nintendo SwitchARMS is easy to pick up and to play, but it has an incredible amount of depth for advanced players. I'm not sure I'd ever play him (I've never been one for bruiser types in fighting games), he's bound to have an audience for people who love to dish out and take pain. The controls are intuitive, engaging and easy for players of any age to learn. And despite how much Nintendo is playing up the value of motion controls, ARMS is perfectly playable with the regular Joy-Con or a Pro Controller. Taking to the company's own E3 2017 livestream, it was revealed that one of the first bits of the game's free DLC roadmap will arrive for the title next month in the form of Max Brass. In Team Fight, two players are tethered together and must team up to battle another team of two. Those include volleyball, where you hit a bomb back and forth, trying to keep it from touching the ground, basketball, where you grab and slam your opponent in the hoop, and Skillshot, trying to hit the most targets and your opponent as you can. This gives the player a large window to identify when your opponent is vulnerable and unable to guard, giving you plenty of time to counter attack, even if you're not the most experienced fighting game player. And using the versatility of Nintendo Switch, ARMS can be played at home or on the go.

Max Brass is such an institution in the Arms universe that his arms are made out of championship belts.

ARMS is now available in stores and Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch at a suggested retail price of $59.99. The second July update officially adds Max Brass to the roster, though he'll be in-game as a boss right now.

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