Anniversary of the death of Jo Cox MP


The Great Get Together, as it has been named, will see a series of picnics, street parties, and concerts run across the weekend.

"Jo spent her life serving and campaigning to bring people together through her charity work and her work as a Member of Parliament". But our family has not been broken.

Today, pupils from schools in Birmingham formed a human chain spelling out the word "Jo" as part of The Great Get Together event.

"In her honour, in Jo's honour, and as we begin this new Parliament, it is incumbent upon us all to rededicate ourselves to our democracy, and stand together in the face of those who seek to destroy it", he said.

"I think, for me, this is my way of coping with it and, hopefully, letting them know that, as a family, we won't be beaten by what's happened".

And in Jo's former constituency of Batley and Spen in West Yorkshire, MP Tracy Brabin, who succeeded her placed flowers near the library where she was killed. "The first emotion was shock, both numbing and shattering".

He added: "Communities coming together in this way is more important now than ever".

Widower of murdered Labour MP Jo Cox, Brendan Cox (L) react as Jo's sister Kim Leadbeater delivers a statement outside the Old Bailey criminal court in London on November 23, 2016, following the conviction of Jo's killer Thomas Mair.

Mr Cox said his wife's murder "aimed to divide communities but has instead brought them together". After the election and even more so after the horrific attacks in Manchester and London there is a huge ground swell of people who just want to focus on the things that unite us, who want to draw closer to their neighbours and communities.

As she so poignantly described in her maiden speech: "'We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us.' Her warmth, generosity and compassion will be a lasting legacy", he said. "That's what Jo would have wanted".

MP Cox's husband, Brendan Cox, said: "In the last few weeks we have been awed by the scale of the reaction to the idea of the Great Get Together taking place this weekend".