5 best Father's Day dinner deals


The changing role of fathers has introduced new challenges, as dads juggle the competing demands of family and work. Indianapolis resident Joshua Bellamy is one such parent.

And not because they will get pampered with a pair of character socks (seriously, again this year?) or an electric shaving kit (yip, you got him that last year as well!), but mostly because they will get to spend the day with their precious families.

When you were born, your mother was there because she had to be.

"We intentionally recruited the whole family unit", she said.

Mother's Day marks the biggest day of the year for florists.

Over the years, I've met and talked with many parents and observed a wide range of parenting styles. In his free time, he loves playing sports with his boys.

I found it interesting that most Father's Day gifts are purchased in department stores while Mother's Day gifts are mostly purchased online. "Wish you a very happy Father's Day". That's $15.5 billion in total - up over $1 billion since previous year.

Don't ask me how we've gotten here so quickly, Jean, but it is Father's Day already.

I never had a father to be at my wedding or to see the birth of my children. McLaughlin feels finances and complicated family situations plague numerous men he works with. They are emotional rocks for their children and partners and never run out of love or dad jokes. It one of the best father's day gift from daughter and son.

He's the Homer Simpson of fatherhood.

McLaughlin feels that today's fathers do not have the same resources that fathers had in the past.

Carol pointed out that some kids might want their mum to be part of the day, if this is how it used to be. How we define families today is complex, and the notion of a tradition family may not be so traditional.

"Though it may be hard to stomach, helping the children pick out a card and gifts can help them with the transition into the new relationship dynamic with their parents".

"Childcare is a struggle". There is nothing better than the gifts kids make at school. As we went our separate ways, I wondered why I was more cognizant of this day then him. To be fair, there are many more absent fathers than mothers, so some of the father snubs are well deserved.

Most people like their smartphone enough to be willing to sacrifice its looks in order to protect it from accidental drops. Most songs cost $1.29 or.99-cents.

This weekend is Father's Day. And still is. You can't choose who your father will be, but you can choose the father you should be. 'It must be because they hope in their poor beaten souls that these new men, who are their blood, will do the things they were not strong enough nor wise enough nor courageous enough to do.

"Tough it out and grind". If my dad wasn't around, I don't know if I would be the father I am now. He taught me to do the right thing, how to balance a checkbook, the love of reading and the proper way to treat women. "It helps me to be a little more grateful for my dad and to recognize the different things he's sacrificed or the different things he's done in our upbringing because we're looking more carefully to recognize it", Thomas said.