What is Microsoft's Windows 10 S and should I upgrade to Pro?


And eventually, both Apple and Spotify will bring their desktop apps to the Windows Store for more users to enjoy as well.

If you bought the new Surface Laptop, you can now grab Office 365 for free from Microsoft's Windows Store. One reason laptops slow down is invasive software, Microsoft says, so the new system will be welcome to many users.

Office in the Windows Store is technically in a "preview" (specifically, the install and update processes are in preview), so because of that early release status, Microsoft is doling out free one-year subscriptions to Office 365 personal if you have a Windows 10 S device. Redmond has now only made preview builds of this software package available to everyone, with an official release scheduled in the coming months.

"On June 15, according to the Support article, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access and Publisher" will be part of "Office for the Windows Store".

With Windows 10 S, customers can only download apps from the Windows Store. Those using Office in the Windows Store can install the 32-bit version only, not the 64-bit version.

Microsoft's stripped down version of Windows officially arrives today with the new Surface Laptop, and along with it the company is making Office apps available on the Windows Store for the first time. Users of the Office in the Windows Store release cannot use COM add-ins on Windows 10 S, but can on other Windows 10 versions. The tool makes it easier for existing desktop apps to move over to Microsoft's universal platform and many - including Evernote, PhotoScape, SQL Pro and more - have been using it to bring their apps into the store since late a year ago. Windows 10 S users on devices with screens larger than 10.1 inches can install these Mobile/UWP apps if they'd prefer.