Police and Politician injured in Washington attack


Representative Mo Brooks making a tearful phone call after helping to apply a tourniquet with his belt to a congressional staffer who was shot.

A Facebook account that appears to belong to Hodgkinson is filled with anti-Republican and anti-Trump posts, as well as expressions of support for former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

"He never expressed himself, at least to me politically", the former mayor said.

Back in IL at least one friend of Hodgkinson - who didn't give his full name - defended him, saying, "I just want to let people know he wasn't evil, that he was exhausted of some of the politics going on". On Wednesday afternoon, the Vermont senator took to the Senate floor to condemn his action "in the strongest possible terms". It was not known the condition of the others who were shot.

What about the D-list comedian who beheaded the president or the taxpayer-funded production called, "Killing Republicans" or the Shakespearean drama where Caesar was depicted as President Trump?

Other conservatives pointed to stories recently in the news such as Kathy Griffin, who posed with a decapitated Donald Trump head, and the recent Shakespeare play featuring Donald Trump being stabbed in Julius Caesar. His neighbor wasn't a stranger to local law enforcement though.

"Please take a moment today to cherish those you love and always remember those who serve and keep us safe", he said.

Alexandria police chief Michael Brown said his officers arrived within minutes and engaged Hodgkinson, together with Capitol Police officers.

Hodgkinson had owned a home inspection company, but filed paperwork earlier this year to dissolve the business.

"The attack is frustrating because I expect that this will ultimately demonstrate that words and rhetoric have consequences", Graves, a Republican from Baton Rouge, said in a statement.

The suspect was identified as James Hodgkinson of Belleville.

Brooks said that Scalise, 51, was down on the ground with what Brooks described as "a hip wound". He said the Capitol Police literally saved everyone's lives.

Davis was at bat during a GOP baseball practice in Arlington, Virginia, when the shooter opened fire, wounding five people including Minority Whip Steve Scalise. Four other people were wounded by gunfire Two remained hospitalized, including a lobbyist who was in critical condition. "My daughters don't deserve all this", she said.