Canada disappointed with Trump's withdrawal from Paris accord: McKenna


As at a meeting of G7 leaders attended by Trump in Sicily in May, the two-day meeting in Bologna ended with the United States disassociating itself from the final communique's section on climate change.

It is the first environment chiefs' meeting among the Group of Seven key industrial nations since U.S. President Donald Trump announced earlier this month his country's exit from the pact for setting an worldwide framework on the fight against global warming in and after 2020.

Presenting the communique, Italy's environment minister, Gian Luca Galletti, called the Paris accord "irreversible, non-negotiable and the only instrument possible to combat climate change".

As a result, the US said it would not join those sections of the communique on climate and multilateral development banks.

Italian Environment Minister Gian Luca Galletti voiced his hope a future dialogue with the US could still develop in the near future.

Minister McKenna held bilateral meetings with her American, European Union, Italian, British, French, Japanese and Maldivian counterparts to discuss climate change, clean growth and the path forward on the commitments made in the Paris Agreement.

Throgmorton said nothing new will come out of the letters in terms of new ordinances or resolutions, but they reaffirm initiatives the council has put forth, such as creating a climate action steering committee and setting a goal to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050.

Stiglitz said the rest of the world should impose a carbon adjustment tax on US exports that do not meet global standards. President Trump's plan to withdraw from the agreement was a promise he made to his supporters during the 2016 presidential election.

Trump's policies are likely to flatten USA emissions around current levels, about 11.5 percent below 2005 levels, according to a study last month by European researchers who compile a Climate Action Tracker.

Kerry, an architect of the Paris climate agreement, said during a visit to Oslo that many USA companies, states and cities were pushing ahead with restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions despite Trump's pro-coal policies.

Grass covers the round table where environment ministers sit at the opening of a two-day G7 summit on the environment, in Bologna, Italy, Sunday, June 11, 2017.

The rest of the G7 signed a statement that the Paris agreement "is essential and can provide us with significant opportunities for modernizing our economies, for enhancing competitiveness, and stimulating employment and growth, while securing social inclusion". Those states that have not yet ratified the agreement may delay their actions, while those that have signed it will use the Trump's opposition as an excuse to step back from their commitments.

The magazine portrayed Trudeau's position as a key factor that would make it hard for other countries to pressure the do more on climate change.

Instead, the USA was mentioned in a footnote touting its goals of a "strong" economy and "healthy" environment, and which implied it had already met climate goals. "We have to wake up our countrymen - in fact, the world", he added.