Sony Unveils New 'Spider-man' VR Game at E3


Another criticism by the community was that nearly everything that was announced by Sony is coming in 2018, and there seems to be nearly nothing for the year 2017, which makes you wonder what other AAA exclusive will be heading to the PS4 later this year?

The PlayStation maker also revealed footage from Call of Duty WWII at E3, which opens later today. Basically, this was a keynote regarding the software line-up of the company.

You might be wondering why a Microsoft-focused website is covering Sony's E3 2017 briefing.

From the Unchartered series, this is the first one that will not star Nathan Drake.

The next chapter is the Uncharted saga is set in India and will involve main characters Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross on a quest to search for the tusk of Ganesh. This time it seems that they are behind an ancient treasure in India, probably the Ganesha's tusk. Does that mean we're going to be seeing more than one web-slinger? Is this a remaster version, or is it a remake version? It was an exciting show for PlayStation owners, but if you missed it, here are the biggest announcements Sony made last night. We can't wait to see what developers do with the device come November 7. The more than seven minute trailer shows off how players will be able to use their environment and manipulate zombie hordes to do their bidding. The trailers of at least three such games were shown in the E3 2017 event to showcase the fun element of playing the games on its console.

Monster Hunter: World is also coming to Xbox One contrary to popular belief.

We can obviously not forget to include Marvel's Spiderman in this list.

Around 50,000 members of the video games industry, including 15,000 members of the public will get the chance to play those titles announced when the doors of E3 open later on Tuesday.