Passing grade: Browns rookie QB Kizer making progress


During practice, Garrett went down during a two-minute drill while in on a sack.

Garrett was checked by a trainer and coach Hue Jackson, who helped Garrett to his feet before the rookie defensive end hobbled to the sideline. An injury to Garrett would come at a bad time - not that there's really a good one - especially after last year's first rounder, Corey Coleman, has been dealing with injuries of his own. While walking, he greeted some teammates with high fives and walked off the field limping as the Browns moved their training indoors due to bad weather.

As Garrett sat on the far sideline he removed his left shoe and could be seen rubbing his foot.

The Cleveland Browns have come to terms with quarterback DeShone Kizer on his rookie contract. "Obviously I don't want to get any of our players nicked, hurt, any of that".

Jackson also said Garrett will have plenty of time to rest his foot before the regular season begins at the beginning of September. Jackson is hoping that "everything's OK and we'll see once we get a chance to go inside". "I don't know that for sure, but we'll find out as I go inside". Which begs the question as to whether the team is where Jackson wants them to be on the eve of wrapping up their offseason program. Depending on the extent of the injury, Garrett has a full six weeks to heal before training camp starts in late July.

The other reason a foot injury would be bad is that Wednesday's injury happened on his left foot, the same leg that caused Garrett so much pain during his final season at Texas A&M.