Minecraft is Finally getting Cross-Play on Consoles and PC


The company also confirmed that those who own the VR or mobile version will receive the Better Together update this summer. The new update will introduce several new features to the game. You can use the Switch console to play the game in Wifi mode between two friends while also competing with others online on PS4, Xbox One, PC. What is clear, however, is that Microsoft isn't trying to lock the other platforms out. Purchases made on any of the supported platforms will reflect across all platforms.

Executive producer Jesse Merriam said that their goal is to connect everyone together and this is the driving force behind their advances. "As console players come to Bedrock, they will gain a lot of things that already exist [there]... They'll be able to continue expanding".

Minecraft on Xbox One will be getting the Super Duper Graphics pack for the 4K update, while the Bring Together update will take care of cross-play and ensure that all of the builds share the same content.

"We've wanted to integrate cross-platform for ages", Microsoft blogged, "essentially making a version of Minecraft that's consistent no matter what device you're choosing to play on".

Obviously, the One X is insanely powerful, so it makes sense to give Minecraft a bit more graphical power.

"We can't speak for Sony", Minecraft communications boss Aubrey Norris told GamesBeat. What do you think of Microsoft's move to unify different versions of the game?

Thoughts about the Better Together Update for Minecraft?

Players do need to be reminded that their existing worlds will be safe.

Another benefit that this update will bring pertains to the expanded multiplayer slots.