Men: Dark Phoenix Director and Returning Cast Officially Announced


Now he's been confirmed to be be stepping behind the camera, as he will direct the upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

The film will be based on the comic storyline The Dark Phoenix Saga, a pivotal moment in the X-Men comics where Jean Grey gains the powers of a cosmic entity called the Dark Phoenix. Jean and the Phoenix were eventually sentenced to destruction by the Shi'ar Empire, an alien race with prior experience with Phoenix-cased havoc, as the X-Men fought to save their teammate's life.

Kinberg - who makes his directorial debut with Dark Phoenix - will also produce the film along with Hutch Parker and Lauren Schuler Donner. The site also states that Jessica Chastain (Interstellar, The Martian) is in talks to play the villainous role of Lilandra Neramani.

"X-Men: Apocalypse" stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Alexandra Shipp, Tye Sheridan, and Kodi Smit-McPhee are all reprising their roles. A complaint about X-Men: Apocalypse was that the X-Men movies had evolved in almost a decade and fresh blood was needed.

Chastain will join several returning members of the films.

Get ready for quite a few familiar faces in 2018's X-Men: Dark Phoenix, as reported Wednesday by Deadline. Each actor's three-film contract was up with the completion of the trilogy begun in X-Men: First Class and Lawrence, in particular, had been vocal about her desire to leave the franchise.

Dark Phoenix is rising in 2018.

The Dark Phoenix was incorporated into "X-Men: Last Stand", though it was a split personality that Professor Charles Xavier embedded into Jean's subconscious. This all just happened, but they've formalized Simon Kinberg as director, and set a release date of Friday, November 2, 2018. It is based on the classic Dark Phoenix storyline from Marvel's comic books.