London tower fire: What do we know?


A fast-moving overnight fire engulfed a 24-story apartment tower in London on Wednesday, killing at least 12 people and injuring 74 others, police said. Children banged on closed windows as they were enveloped by the dark smoke.

When the woman indicated she was going to drop the infant, "a gentleman ran forward and managed to grab the baby", she added. Ubah Yusuf said she and her neighbors, who lived close to Grenfell, would ask their building manager about their own tower block.

Some fire brigades have described their high-rise training facilities.

"I woke up and looked at my phone when I saw what had happened", said Nath, who is from Ryhope but now living at student accommodation Clanny House, in Pallion.

By mid-day, London police said six people had been killed and they cautioned the death toll was likely to rise.

The London Fire Brigade said 45 fire engines and 200 firefighters were called to the scene.

More than 12 hours after the fire broke out, the building was still smouldering, though the building was not in danger of collapse.

Boutrig said her friend's brother, wife and children lived in the building and that her friend was waiting to find out if they were OK. The fire has been burning for more than three hours and stretches from the second to the 27th floor of the building.

"The more I looked up, floor upon floor".

Prime Minister Theresa May's Downing Street office said she was "deeply saddened by the tragic loss of life" in the fire.

As of early Wednesday morning, people were believed to still be trapped inside a high-rise that is home to about 500 people.

James Wood, a 32-year-old graphic designer who lives in an adjacent building, said he saw a woman at about the 13th floor holding a baby out a window until all hope of a rescue had passed. "Endless numbers of people", she said.

"I was just screaming at people: "Get out, get out" and they were screaming back at me: "We can't, the corridors are full of smoke", he told BBC Radio. "But I don't think the mother made it".

Joe Walsh, 58, said he saw someone throw two children out of a window from the fifth or sixth floor.

"And then it was black smoke". "I know they didn't make it".

"Anyone who earns below 10 million pounds a year is not human in this borough", he said.

We will review the findings of the investigation into this fire, when they are available, with HFRS and other partners to assess whether any additional safety measures would be appropriate at our blocks.

We have been warning about the risks of a fire like this for years. "A neighbor's smoke alarm went off and another neighbor phoned and told me to get out", Daffarn said. I regularly sit in meetings with fire safety professionals, and their fury and frustration at the inaction of local councils and social landlords is palpable. "After that, the whole building was on fire". "We lost everything. Everything in the house is gone", he said. Many said there were only minutes to flee before the building became an inferno.

But he said for the time being, the focus is on search-and-rescue - and that it would soon shift to recovery of the dead.

Many residents were elderly and had to be helped by family members to get to safety. Volunteers handed out bottled water.

The building, Grefnell Tower, is located in one of London's poshest areas, home to celebrities, politicians and wealthy foreigners.

Authorities say the cause of the fire is not yet known and declined to speculate about how it started and spread so quickly. Magenta Living, which does the same in Birkenhead, Merseyside, said its high-rise blocks "undergo an annual, independently carried out, fire safety risk assessment".

A spokesperson for JustGiving said: "JustGiving has once again seen a swell in generosity following the awful fire at the Grenfell Tower in west London in the early hours of this morning".

KCTMO, which stands for Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organization, is the group that runs public housing on behalf of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, the west London area where the fire broke out. "We were just standing screaming and they were screaming".

Survivors told of frantic attempts to escape during the nighttime fire.

Local councilor Robert Atkinson told CNN that the renovation works had modernized the building. Michael Paramasivan said he was watching TV in the building as his girlfriend and daughter slept when he smelled burning plastic.

"It's really important that their questions are answered". "Clearly there's a lot more work to do to actually evacuate the building and to establish how safe it is".