Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott get matching butterfly tattoos


Kylie and Travis has been inseparable since they were spotted at Coachella festival together and their relationship may also be featured in Kylie's new reality show, Life Of Kylie, later this month.

According to reports, Scott annd Jenner shared images of matching tattoos of a tiny butterfly on the back of their legs, via their respective Snapchat Stories.

Other fans were quick to come to the reality star's rescue saying she was "beautiful and at the same time a goddess".

"For so long, I've been putting on this different persona to the world", she said as she outlined how hard it was to grow up in front of a worldwide audience. "That's who I want you guys to get to know". Let's just hope they don't regret the ink!

Jenner has been subjected to questioning about her body since she started going through puberty.

Fans have been speculating the love song was written about the teenage reality TV star, as the musician previously captioned an Instagram photo of Kylie leaving a private jet, "Butterfly Effect". And the 19-year-old television personality finds it "really crazy" how much influence she has. It's just insane how much influence I have. It's life-changing. I have gotten all my sisters on it and all my friends'.

Meanwhile, Kylie's breasts were not the only distraction in her recent Snapchat videos. The teen's allegedly accentuated features have been "putting her in the housewives of Beverly Hills of opulence, without regard for true, natural beauty which is what most of us aspire to have", he added.

Do you think Kylie Jenner got a boob job?