DodgeBall cast reunites for charity video


A Dodgeball sequel may've never happened, but we've got the next best thing! The gang is back together and ready to battle it out on the court.

In the video, Ben Stiller's character, White Goodman, is back leading the Purple Cobras and running his mouth.

Ben brings out some of his teammates too, include Missi Pyle's Fran, and they exchange a series of comedic insults such as, "nobody whips my a*s except me" and "I'm gonna drop you like third period French". "Everyone is so PC now". In a video for charity, Stiller and Vaughn, joined by their co-stars Justin Long, Alan Tudyk and Christine Taylor, are at it again, encouraging fans to pick a side by signing up on Omaze.

"Long time pal, I see you're sticking with the hair choice, strong move", La Fleur said.

This Dodgeball reunion isn't just a random or arbitrary get-together - it's meant to help promote Omaze, a charity service that organizes and auctions meet-up events with celebrities - events that everyday people can actually win for themselves, by bidding as low as $10 for the event.

We're delighted to say that the original Dodegball players have reunited for a charity campaign that gives you the chance to play dodgeball with Ben Stiller himself. The Stiller Foundation helps support children around the world by providing educational opportunities to help them realize their full potential.