Jeremy Corbyn's support from young voters is only temporary


Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill, who served as May's co-chiefs of staff since the premier's tenure in the interior ministry, announced their resignations in statements.

While May has said she won't make any sudden moves in leadership - leaving Secretary of State for International Development Priti Patel in place - her weakened position and a robust Labour Party in opposition means many Conservative plans around foreign aid will likely lose momentum.

Mr Leslie said he respects Mr Corbyn's views, with the Labour leader adopting the same approach with him.

Some senior Tories had made the removal of Hill and Timothy a condition for continuing to support May, who has vowed to remain prime minister.

The centre-right Conservatives found themselves eight short of the coveted 326-seat mark after the Labour Party, led by socialist stalwart Jeremy Corbyn, scored hefty gains. "Our manifesto was full of fear and the Labour Party's manifesto was full of promises". One of those suggesting her future is doubtful was Arlene Foster, leader of the Irish DUP that had just agreed to prop up her government.

"On this occasion our votes may not be required to help form a government at Westminster but the implications for politics in Northern Ireland could not be greater", she said. After May/Downing St. said it had deal with DUP party on governing, DUP says not true.

The DUP's influence might've been at least in part checked by the pro-independence Sinn Fein party, which gained three seats for a total of seven, but as their MPs don't sit in parliament - they refuse to pledge allegiance to the Queen - their votes are worthless during potential collation talks.

The DUP was founded in the 1970s by the late firebrand preacher Ian Paisley, and in the 1980s was a key player in the "Save Ulster from Sodomy" campaign, which unsuccessfully fought against the legalization of gay sex.

Her Labour rival Jeremy Corbyn, once written off by his opponents as a no-hoper, said May should step down and he wanted to form a minority government.

The general election resulted in Britain's first hung parliament, when the Conservative Party led by Arthur Balfour received the largest number of votes. "I would have thought that's enough to go, actually, and make way for a government that will be truly representative of all of the people of this country".

Corbyn bitingly told May to quit, saying she had "lost votes, lost support and lost confidence".

Voters may have also been unimpressed with her refrain that "no deal is better than a bad deal" because it raised the prospect of crashing out of the EU. Speaking after the outcome became clear, May acknowledged that the result was a disappointment.

May, who became prime minister after the June 2016 referendum on leaving the European Union, had called the election three years early in a bid to strengthen her hand in the looming Brexit negotiations.

Instead, the result has sown confusion and division in British ranks, just days before negotiations are due to start on June 19.

"This government will guide the country through the crucial Brexit talks. and deliver on the will of the British people by taking the United Kingdom out of the European Union", she said after seeking Queen Elizabeth II's approval for the new, hastily cobbled-together arrangement.

If she is to succeed in delivering the wishes of 52 percent of the public and take Britain out of the European Union, she must find a way to secure the full support of her party to pass legislation preparing for and enacting the departure.