Alonso: I'll stay at McLaren if we can win by September


"We have to win", said Alonso.

After reflecting on his "great" experience at the Indy 500, Alonso was asked whether it had changed anything with regards to his Formula 1 future.

Key in his decision: "We have to win". The British team are the second most successful Formula One team in terms of race wins but they have reached the nadir of their motorsport existence since re-uniting with the multinational. We're frustrated together. "Fortunately he doesn't have to make a decision today, we're not asking him to make a decision today".

On the heels of some stern words from McLaren to Honda, Fernando Alonso finally dropped the bombshell that everyone saw coming. I joined this project because I want to be world champion, and we are not in that position. "Three years is a decade - and you just can't go on forever".

"After three years we are not in that position, so things have to change, I guess for the team".

"I didn't follow it that much to be honest, but I was quite impressed", Hulkenberg said.

"More of a chance, and a good reference for me to measure myself with the guy who for years is considered to be one of the best in the world and F1", Hulkenberg said.

It is a scenario which appears improbable given both McLaren, and their beleaguered engine supplier Honda's, awful start to the new season. "I started when the calendar was 16 races, plus the tests, and now we keep increasing the races year after year".

The double world champion's comments ahead of Sunday's Canadian Grand Prix blow apart the consensus of silence that has shielded Liberty from paddock criticism for even their crankiest ideas.

Lewis Hamilton said he tended to agree with Alonso over the 25 races complaint, but his immediate concern is stopping Ferrari killing his championship campaign. That's why he skipped F1's most glamorous race, the Monaco GP, for the Indy 500, where he had an actual shot at winning.

"The Indy 500 was an incredible experience and it's been awesome to learn a completely different style of driving, on a different circuit layout and with a very different vehicle, but I'm ready to get back to my "day job" and go racing in F1 again". He has won the race five times since then, including the last two years with Mercedes AMG. If there are 25 or 26 races maybe it's good in some aspects but in others, how demanding becomes your life? "I think is already enough".

Two-time F1 champion Fernando Alonso has once again confirmed that he will leave McLaren unless they can deliver his a race-winning auto by September.